About Me

Meez 3D avatar avatars gamesI'm the type of woman that other women like to talk to. I'm an esthetician/psychologist. Okay, okay. I'm not really a psychologist, but I should be one.

I don't know what it is, but women love to open up to me while I'm giving them facials. I think something about the smell of lavender, soft music and a good ol' shoulder rub makes women more...open. LOL. They open up even more when I'm performing a bikini wax!  Having a random stranger between their legs makes them wanna...share. Express themselves. It makes them wanna reveal all of the tawdry details of their lives. Having the hair ripped from their follicles makes them wanna tell me about affairs, their husbands, their children, desires, faults, their dreams and their lives in general. Personally, I think it makes the pain bearable.

I'm all for them getting things off of their chests, but sometimes, it gets sorta crazy. Truth of the matter is, it's just easier to open up to a stranger. I mean, think about it. They may never see me again, and if they do, so what! I don't run in their circles. I don't know their husbands, friends, parents or lovers. Who am I gonna tell?

But after eight years of listening to all of these women and their stories, I have found one thing to be true. We all want to know that we're normal. We all want to vent. We all want to be free to let it out. Whatever IT is.

And this is what has made me want to blog. This blog is what we women talk about when no one else is around. This blog is about what we talk about when we feel safe. What we talk about when we know or don't care that we're being judged. This blog is about what we talk about over margaritas!

Hope you enjoy.