Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Are women just better at it?

We always hear about men's indiscretions. Always! We hear about them so much that we just expect and/or accept them doing it, but what about women?

Let's be honest, women cheat too. Maybe not as much as men, but women cheat too. I've had more than a few women tell me that they have had boyfriends on the side for much of their marriage or relationship. I've had women confess to me that they've had one man coming in the front door, and another leaving out the back. So why don't women get caught as much?

Now, I would never say it's because women are smarter. That's not it. There have been plenty of marriages and relationships that have ended because women have been caught in bed with another man. But in general, this is not the case. Are women just sneakier? Are women better at covering their tracks? Are some men just in denial about their relationships, or are men so busy cheating that they don't notice that their spouses are cheating too? What do you think?

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