Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Ya Skin As Smooth As Silk. Exfoliate!

Did you know that alpha hydroxy acid peels deliver a very effective glow to the skin? In fact, chicas, alpha hydroxy acids boost the penetration of other products like anti-aging products. Oh yeah!

The Dos and Don't of using alpha hydroxy acid peels.

DO: Yourself a favor and test the peel out on an inconspicuous spot on your neck or inner arm to make sure there are no irritations or allergies.

DON'T: Leave the peel on longer than recommended. It won't work any better, and you can become red and blotchy. While using alpha hydroxy, back away from scrubs and retinol on nights when you use the peel. Afterwards, apply a plain moisturizer to avoid anti-aging overload.

REALLY DON'T: Go out in the sun without wearing SPF 30 for the next few days.

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Now you're one step closer to beautiful glowing skin.

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