Saturday, March 19, 2011

Question, Ladies

Is it wrong to sleep with a guy that your friend has spent time with?

So, I got the above question in my email box a couple of weeks ago. What do I think? I think sleeping with someone that your friend has SPENT TIME with is different than sleeping with someone that your friend has dated. 

Spent time with is very broad. Does it mean that they went on a few dates and decided that they didn't like each other, or does it mean that they actually slept together? Either way, spend time with doesn't sound very serious. First, I'd ask your friend how she feels about the guy. If she's fine with it, and you like the guy, I'd go for it. Just remember to be open and honest about it. I don't think it would be cool to show up at your friend's house with a guy that she likes on your arm. That could ruin your friendship.

Ladies, are all men associated with your friend off limits?
Weigh in.


  1. i think it is wrong, i would never date my friends exs..anyways... we have different taste, so i dont even see it happening

  2. My friends and i have vastly different tastes. I just couldn't figure out what spent time with meant. I would find it very creepy though.