Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Beauty Myths Debunked!

Myth 1: You can shrink facial pores

No, you can not! Though pores can appear larger if they’re clogged with dirt, oil and bacteria, they never really grow or shrink. Retinol and alpha hydroxy products can make them appear smaller. Try using a pore minimizer that contains salicylic acid and alpha lipoic acid. These ingredients gently exfoliate and tighten the skin while removing dirt and oil.

Myth 2: You can get rid of cellulite.

Ladies, save your money. It doesn't matter whether you're curvy or skinny. THERE IS NO WAY TO ELIMINATE CELLULITE ―not even liposuction! Cellulite is fat deposits that are trapped between the fibrous bands that connect the skin's tissues. These bands squeeze the fat under the skin, resulting in that orange peel texture. You can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite with firming creams that contain caffeine to tighten and smooth the skin, a basic moisturizer will also work to hydrate and swell the skin, making cellulite a little less obvious. Also, darker skin camouflages cellulite so try using a self-tanner.

Myth 3: Dark skin doesn't need sunscreen

SO FALSE! Everyone needs sunscreen.
Women with darker skin don't burn as easily, but they must wear sunscreen. No matter who you are, the sun's rays can still cause wrinkles and skin cancer.

Myth 4: Too little sleep causes dark under-eye circles.

FALSE. Not getting your eight hours of sleep each night isn't the only culprit of dark circles. Dark under-eye circles is hereditary and often stem from a combination of sun damage, fluid accumulation, dilated blood vessels, pigmentation, and age-related thinning of skin. Using an alpha hydroxy acid or vitamin C cream for pigmentation changes, or a laser treatment to improve dilated blood vessels, may help. If all else fails, a good concealer does wonders.

Myth 5: Tweezing is better than wax for eyebrows. This makes the skin around the eyes less likely to sag.

False! If the skin around your eyes is going to sag, there is not much you can do to change that outside of cosmetic surgery. If this were true, then the tweezing (which involves constant pulling) would actually loosen the skin more than the wax, which is one quick pulling motion. Sagging skin is just inevitable, and saggy skin above the eyes is hereditary.

Hope this helps.

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