Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Time

Ahhh, tea. Not only is it good but it's good for you. Some teas are packed with antioxidants that help counteract damage from illness and aging.

As a woman who has been in the spa industry for years, I can tell you that tea is the number one drink. After a facial, who wouldn't want to sit down, chill out and have a hot cup of tea to ease their minds and relax their spirit? Yes. Tea is even popular when it's blazing hot outside. Check out the benefits of these tea.:


A daily cup of this smoky drink helps keep your heart healthy by improving blood vessel function and decreasing arterial stiffness. It's also good after a long, stressful day. It's also been proven to reduce cortisol levels. Best when milk, sugar or honey are added to enhance the flavor. 


This mild tea is known for lowering cholesterol and stimulating the immune system to fight diseases. It may even help repair skin damage! Best when served cold with a slice of lemon or lime.


Normally an after-dinner tea, white tea is light and delicate but packs a punch. It's benefits includes lowering high blood pressure, weight lose and fighting cancer. Best when served with a slice of mango.


Spicy and rich, Oolong tea has been shown to reduce the risks of hypertension, as well as, strengthen the immune system. Best served with fresh fruit.

The next time you think about picking up that sugary soda, think about the benefits that a cup of tea has instead. Control the calories by adding your own sweetener, and reap the benefits of their antioxidant properties. 
How do you like your tea and what do you drink it with? 

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