Monday, September 5, 2011

You Bought the Body Brush, Now What?

Admit it. You have one of these brushes. You bought it and swore you were going to brush your skin, but sadly, it swings from the hook in your shower...untouched. Don't feel bad. I'll tell you why you should use it.

Our skin says a lot about us. It's a reflection of our health, but most of us neglect it more than we think. Did you know that we lose and replace about 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every minute? Yep. Those little dust particles you see floating around the room are all you, baby. As skin cells die, some will slough off naturally, but many remain on the surface of our skin, causing clogged pores and a dry, flaky apperance. Brushing this layer every day helps to renew and refresh the skin, so that healthy, glowing, smooth skin shines through.

Here’s how body brushing helps our skin:

It exfoliates by removing dead skin cells, revealing skin that is smoother and softer.

It increases blood flow. The massaging action of body brushing stimulates blood flow, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin. Plus, massaging the skin feels great and relieves tension and stress.

It gives your other products a kick by allowing better penetration. Moisturizers, creams and body butters can better do their job of helping your skin retain its moisture.

How to Body Brush:

  1. Brushing should be done while your skin is dry, immediately before showering.
  2. Start at the soles of your feet, moving toward your heart, in a circular motion, brushing in long smooth strokes, towards your upper body. Avoid the delicate skin of your innner thighs, breasts and d├ęcolletage.
  3. When brushing your hands and arms, start from your fingertips and brush in long strokes toward your heart as well.
  4. Avoid your neck and face, since the skin is sensitive and requires a gentler exfoliation technique.
  5. After brushing, take a shower or bath to wash off dead skin cells loosened during the process.
  6. Apply your favorite moisturizer.  
Have fun and stay...soft.

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