Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Things You Touch Without...

Washing your hands!

Okay, ladies, how clean are your hands? No, look at them now and think about everything  you've touched today. Have you thought about it? Now, answer the question again. How clean are your hands? Truth of the matter is, you're probably resting your cheek on your hand right now. So, let's get to it. Let's discuss some things you may have touched today, then proceeded to eat a quick snack or touch your face. Eww!

I'm sure you left the house today with a purse. Surprisingly, purses are filthy (even if they are expensive). Think about it, you probably put your purse down in random places everyday. On the floor. Under your desk. On the kitchen counter. Because most women rarely (or never) clean out their purse(s), they are covered with many nasty bacteria. Did you know that, when tested, e-coli and salmonella are usually found on purse? And the bacteria staphylococcus aurous can cause skin infections, and pseudomonas can cause eye infections. In some cases, fecal matter is even found on purses! Stop sitting your purse on public bathroom floors!

Yuck! How much money have you touched today? Money is so incredible dirty. I'm sure we all realize that hundreds of people have touched a single bill before we ever lay a hand on it, right? But how many times have you touched money, ate lunch with the girls on your lunch break, and got it, touched your face? 

Aww, the keyboard. Go ahead, look down at it. Not only are there food crumbs stuck between the keys, and little brown spots (what the heck are those spots?) on your keyboard, but I'm positive cold and flu germs are on there, too, and those nasty germs remain active longer on hard surfaces like plastics and stainless steel. Fact: Cold germs can survive from a few minutes to a couple days! Ewww! When was the last time you cleaned yours?

I'm queen of the remote. I have to have it in my lap at all times. Admittedly, I can count on one hand how many times I've actually cleaned it. When you think about it, the remote might just be one of the grossest things you touch all day. Your pets sit on it, it's been stuck down between the cushions, and sometimes, even on the floor. Question? Do you wipe your remote after you've licked hot sauce off your fingers (from the best hot wing retsuarant in town), picked your ears and blown your nose? Probably not, and neither do the other people you live with.

This is my favorite. When doing a facial, I can ALWAYS tell which side of the cheek a client rests their phone. That side is usually...pimply. Combine makeup and sweat with all the germs on your hands (from touching the above objects), and you have bacterial heaven. I see people wipe their cellphones all the time before putting them to their face, but I never see people wipe their hands first.

So, ladies, do you feel like washing your hands right now?

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