Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spa Etiquette

Alot of us love the idea of getting a relaxing massage or a much needed facial at a spa, but the thought of actually walking into one of those posh spas for the first time can be daunting. Don't fear newbies, I'm here to walk you through. Here are a few spa etiquette tips that'll save you from embarrassing situations.
Book In Advance

Most spas are too busy to accept walk-ins. Call ahead of time to let the receptionist know of any special needs you may have (allergies, medical conditions or pregnancy). This simple tip ensures that your therapist will be fully prepared to accommodate you.

Don't Be Shy. Request a Male or Female Therapist

Many women feel uncomfortable having a male massage therapist. Most therapists know this, so requesting a female is not a problem. Remember. Spas are for relaxing, and you will not be able to relax if you are worrying about a strange man touching you.

Ask About the Spa's Cancellation Policy

Many spas have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Make sure you know in advance what the policy is so that your credit card is not charged for a partial or full payment if for some reason you can not make it.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Arrive at the spa early so that you can fill out any paperwork, use the steam room or simply relax before your appointment.

Turn off Your Cell Phone

This should be common sense, but some people don't realize that a ringing cell phone in a spa is just as annoyng as a ringing cell phone in the movies. As a common courtesy to other guests and your therapist, turn off your cell phone when you enter the building.


Spas are for relaxing. When your therapist takes you back for your service, lower your voice.

Keep the Expensive Jewelry at Home

Most spas will not accept responsibility for items that are lost or stolen, so leave them at home. Chances are, after a relaxing service, you won't remember that you stuck your diamond earrings in your robe, and a padlock on a locker is not a guarantee against theft.

To get Naked or Not

Should you get nude for your massage? If you're uncomfortable about being naked with a total stranger (and who isn't), you don't have to undress completely; it's perfectly okay to wear underwear while having a massage. Remember. You want to relax.
Say What You Mean and Mean What you Say

If your therapist asks is the pressure ok? Tell the truth. DO NOT spend an hour in a service being tortured because you don't want to seem rude. Being shy does not benefit you or your therapist.

Drink Lots of Water

Some spa treatments release toxins from the body, so be sure to drink lots of water before and after your treatment to keep yourself properly hydrated. This is especially important if you plan to use the steam room or sauna.

Gratuity, Gratuity, Gratuity

Standard gratuity is 15-20% of the spa treatment cost. If you get a deal or coupon, remember that the therapist is still doing the same amount of work. While you are not required to tip, it is a great way to show your therapist that they did an wonderful job.


  1. I'm a Spa Therapist & offer only cross gender spa treatments because I believe in positive Qi energies transfers between opposite sex receiver patient & the therapist. Though most of the heterosexual males prefer a female therapist, females of any sexual tendencies opt for female therapist most probably because of the conservative social nature & lack of confidence in the opposite sex. I have faced this gender discrimination almost every day but do not blame the women for the gender biased behavior. Women should try to be open minded until they really see a good reason to opt for a same gender therapist.

  2. About spa clothing, I always recommend the patient to receive full body therapies completely naked. While performing the therapy, I cover the body parts not being served with towels. This is mainly to conserve loss of energy & not for either the patient or therapist being ashamed of nudity. Naked body is perfectly natural & normal & should remain that way for both patient & therapist. Only if trust between the two is intact, therapy would show excellent results & ultimately give complete satisfaction & peace of mind to both, receiver & performer.

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