Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I Like Tuesday

Dior's Velvet Eyes reusable eyeliner patches.  How cool are these, ladies?

Okay, so, Dior has made liquid-liner, stick-on, eye decals. Alas, you can achieve the sexy, winged look a whole lot easier. Why? because Dior Velvet Eyes are adhesive eyeliner patches that are applied directly onto the lid for a flawless finish.

The reusable decals come in a set of four: Two pairs of matte black patches called Effeft Velours. Effet Haute Couture is embroidered with Swarovski crystals at the corner of each eye and Effeft Brilliant idecorated with black Swarovski micro-crystals. 

You can snag Dior Velvet Eyes, $55, exclusively at Sephora.

So. if you're anything like me, you love low-rise jeans but hate visible butt-crack showings every time you take a seat.

Plummer's crack is tacky and so declasse. I get tired of tugging my shirt down or facing my butt towards walls just so I can sit comfortably without mooning the world. Well, there's a solution to this crack epidemic--JaksOne of my clients turned me on to them. So what are JAKs?

 JAKs are lacy, top extenders that look like underwear without the crotch area. You wear them over your jeans and they give the illusion of a layered top underneath. Yes! We can continue wearing low-rise jeans without embarrassing butt-crack showings. 

JAKs are $20 and come in three colors: beige, black, or white.

So, what do you think of these finds?

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