Monday, October 17, 2011

What Is Threading?

Threading is an ancient beauty treatment that got its start in the Middle East and India centuries ago. This unique hair removal technique is thought to be the most accurate way to remove unwanted facial hair, and is considered to be less painful and longer lasting than waxing.

How It Works:

Threading is a two minute service that requires about two feet of cotton thread. One end of the thread is held in the practitioner's teeth. The middle of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the other hand. Through a twisting motion, the practitioner uses the loop to remove a line of hair (or one hair at a time for preciseness). This process takes out the entire hair follicle, so effects last for as long as 6 weeks.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of threading.


  • It's fast. The entire procedure may take two minutes or less for both eyebrows.
  • Very sanitary and hygienic. Each thread is thrown away after it’s used. Only the thread touches the skin, so there’s no danger of passing on bacteria that can cause breakouts.
  • It's great for people with sensitive skin or people who are using chemicals such as Retin A or acne medicines such as Differin gel.
  • The effects may last 6 weeks. If you do threading regularly the hair follicle will eventually stop producing hair.
  • You don't have to wait for hair to grow a certain length because threading removes the tiniest and finest hair right from the root.
  • It may be hard to find a practitioner if you live in a small town.
  • Improper threading can cause hair to break. If more eyebrow hair than you wanted is removed, then you’re stuck with that look for at least 6 weeks.
  • It only works on facial hair.
  • It will hurt. (Most hair removal procedures do.)
  • Can cause folliculitis, a bacterial infection in the hair follicles
  • Can change skin pigment.
  • Not something you’d do at home. 
 Have you had this procedure. If so, what do you think of it?


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