Monday, October 10, 2011

Your Skin & Yoga

A lot of women want a healthy alternative to looking fabulous without spending an arm and a leg on magic potions or going under the knife. One of those healthy alternatives is Yoga. Yoga is an ancient art which has many advantages. Not only is it a good way to maintain one's health, for those women looking for a natural way to beautify their skin, it's a good way to  bring vitality to the skin because yoga helps to improve blood circulation and balance the flow of oxygen and hormones. The result of practicing yoga is firmer facial muscles.

Dr. Perricone writes about the benefits of yoga in his book The Clear Skin Prescription. He says, “So how can one attain a fit, toned, and flexible body as well as clear, radiant skin at any age? Yoga. In my opinion, the benefits of yoga are unparalleled. Yoga is unique in that it addresses the entire person.”

Yoga is all about breathing, and deep breathing brings lots of fresh oxygen to the skin and body. The action of breathing deeper and slower increases the health of your skin. And let's not forget that yoga helps to relax your mind and body. This alone will help keep breakouts at bay.

Here are a few poses you can try.

Triangle Pose is great for eliminating toxins, opening, stretching, and strengthening the whole body. Many twisting poses also massage the internal organs to aid in digestion and detoxification.

Downward Facing Dog increases the blood flow to the head, giving the skin a rush of fresh blood and nutrients. When you rise back to your feet, the blood goes back down toward the heart  taking some unwanted toxins with it. This pose also engages your whole body by calming the nervous system, decompressing the spine, toning, sculpting and strengthening the arms, sculpting and lengthening the thighs.

Chair Pose gets the blood pumping. This intense pose promotes sweating which allows the skin to get rid of toxins that lurk just beneath the surface. It also increases blood circulation and carries vital nutrients to the skin, clearing breakouts, de-puffing puffy eyes and encouraging healthy, glowy skin.

Hope This Helps

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