Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do You Trust Other Women Around Your Man?


Dramas are written about them. Books are written about them. And if you haven't seen a movie or read a book about them, then, surely you've heard about what Angelina Jolie did to poor Jennifer Anniston, or what that tatted-up chick, Bombshell McGee, did to Sandra Bullock. Temptresses!


They seem to be everywhere. They seem to be around every corner just waiting to destroy the lives of nice, unsuspecting girlfriends and wives who naively befriend them. But the question is...

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Do you trust your best friend?

So, last week, I had a client tell me that one of her best friends is about to be evicted. She went on to tell me about how she'd known this woman for five years. They met on the job, instantly hit it off and have been besties ever since.

She told me about how this woman had loaned her money when she lost her job two years ago. She giggled about how much fun they had on their trip to Europe six months after they met. She even told me about how her friend was there for her while she went through a painful divorce.

The stories made me smile. They reminded me of the relationship that I have with my best friend. So, I innocently asked, "Are you going to let her stay with you?" Well, I was shocked at her reaction.

"Hell, no!"

"Really? Why not?"

"Honey." She looked me right in the eyes as she fluffed her hair. "I would never let another woman stay in my house with my man. I won't even let my sister spend the night!"

I was dumbfounded. I would have no problem letting my best friend or my sister stay in my house with my man. In my head I was thinking that her best friend and sister must be really shady women. My bestie and I are like sisters and my sister is my heart. I trust the both of them 110 percent.

"Are you serious?"

"I love her to death, but I don't trust other women around my man. Women are too conniving." She grabbed her purse. "Letting a woman into your house around your man is asking for trouble."

I let the conversation end there because I believe that it's unprofessional for me to get into saucy debates with my client, especially, if I don't agree with them.

So my question is, do you trust other women around your man? What about your best friend or sister?


  1. Ummm my biggest question is does she feel threatened? If you and your man are doing well and you love each other she should no be an issue.

  2. I agree with you. A SOLID relationship shouldn't have any issues. If you're worried about other women, I think it's because you're really worried about YOUR MAN.

  3. I would let my sister and a few friends stay at my house, but there is one girlfriend that I would not let stay at my house. She is extemely flirty and she has dated married men.