Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Fix Thursday

Got a red carpet event coming up soon? How about a wedding, class reunion, or first time meeting the boyfriend's parents?

Here are a few quick fixes to ensure a flawless face on your big day. 


Want your skin to glow?

Try this:

Yogurt Masque

Apply three teaspoons of
Greek yogurt
Let it sit for five minutes
Rinse with warm water
What are the benefits? 

Lactose leaves the skin polished and smooth.  



Want to blast that pimple away?

Try this:

Spot treat

Mix Brewer's yeast and water into a paste
Massage into pimple
Let it sit for 10 minutes

What are the benefits?
Vitamin B and chromium speed healing.


Want a youthful appearance?

Try this:

Night Cream

1-3 months in advance start using an
antioxidant rich night cream with peptides
to boost your collagen.

What are the benefits?
Creams that contain amino-peptides soften
fine lines and wrinkles and even out the skin's texture.

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