Monday, March 28, 2011

The Evolution Of Brows

Let's face it, brows can make or break a face. As-a-matter of fact. It doesn't matter how sleek your hair is styled or how fierce your makeup is applied, if your brows are a mess, so is your entire look. Hairstyles come and go. Fashions change season-to-season, but did you know that eyebrow styles change with each decade?

The Roaring 20s
Straight, thin and curved downward toward the temple was all the rage. A grease pencil then was used to darken the brow.

     The Bronze Venus, Josephine Baker                                     The original It Girl, Clara Bow        

The Dirty 30s

The 1930s style was thin and dramactically arched.

  The original Blond Bombshell, Jean Harlow                           Femme Fatale, Marlene Dietrich

The Rock and Rolling 1940s
American women wanted to look more natural. The 1940s brow tended towards a medium width and length.

       Sweater Girl, Lana Turner                                                   Cover Girl, Rita Hayworth

The Fabulous 50s 
The 1950s were the decade of the highly arched and thick brow.
Brown Sugar Babe, Dorothy Dandridge                                   The Voluptous, Marilyn Monroe

The Psychedelic 60s
1960s eyebrows were shaved off and penciled in with individual strokes

           The Sensual, Sophia Loren                                              The Legendary, Faye Dunaway

The Hippie Dippie 70s
1970s eyebrows were more natural looking. Almost all were well groomed and started out very thick at the inner corner and tapered to a medium width point at the outer edge.

            Boss Lady, Diana Ross                                                    Sex Kitten, Jane Fonda

I Love The 80s
1980s eyebrows, much like the hair, were heavy and bushy.

     Teen Seductress Brooke Shields                                           Blonde Beauty, Christi Brinkley

The Grundgy 90s
1990’s eyebrows followed the natural brow pattern while attaining a smooth outer brow arch.

          Sultry Jazz Singer, Sade                                                     Exotic Beauty, Uma Thurman

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