Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick Fix Thursday

Most women don't get puffy eyes until they are in their forties or older-but in the hectic world that we live in, some of us can experience puffy eyes earlier. So how can you get rid of the Louis Vuitton bags under your eyes?

What you need to know:

Turn off the television, woman and get some shut-eye! Not getting enough sleep can lead to the overproduction of stress hormones, which creates an inflammatory response in the skin. Getting at least seven hours of sleep at night is ideal. In fact, getting three to four consecutive nights of good ol' sleeping can make a huge difference.

Check this out! The way that you sleep also impacts puffiness. Sleeping on your stomach or sleeping on your side can cause fluid to accumulate under the skin around the eyes. YIKES! Who knew, right?

Try to sleep on your back with your head elevated with an extra pillow to drain any excess. Gravity will work in your favor, girlfriend.

Okay, so, what happens if you wake up in the morning a mad woman? Calm down, breath, grab a wet washcloth, stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes, then use it as a cool compress.

Another quick fix:

You could also try an eye treatment with a roller ball applicator to help eye treatment creams sink in deeper.

Hope this helps, ladies.

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