Monday, March 7, 2011

Office Gossipers. What's Wrong With These Women?

Okay, let's keep it real. We all know this chick. The one that can't keep her mouth shut. She's the one that knows your blood type, social security number and shoe size.

You're looking at her right now. She's pretending like she's working but she's really listening in on your conversation. She's the person that whenever you look up, she's looking at you. Argh! Later, she'll pull you to the side and beg you not to tell whatever "secret" she's about to tell you.
Ten minutes later, the entire office will know the secret!
To this office heffa, no one is special. Everyone's business is up for grabs--including hers. The first day you met her she told you that she was married or dating, where her children were conceived and how much money her husband or boyfriend makes. So what gives? What's up with women like this?

I have a client who literally stays in her cubicle for fear that she may commit a crime if she finds out that gossip is being spread about her.

"I don't tell those b------ anything about me. I say 'hi' and 'bye' and keep it moving. I won't even eat lunch with them because they'll repeat everything that you say later."

Women who gossip at work shape their reputation along with the reputations of the people they are talking about. They believe that they are the Wendy Williams or Perez Hilton's of the job, but office gossipers are usually held in low regard. I, like most people, see them as tacky, childish and untrustworthy.

Like my client, I keep it as shallow as a kiddie pool with my co-workers. There are a hand full of them that I trust, but I have made it a rule to never discuss my relationship, family of personal problems at work.

What are your rules?
Weigh in.

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