Friday, June 17, 2011

Public Dislays of Affection

So, I'm standing in line at the movies, and the couple in front of me began tonguing each other down! Not regular kissing. Not cute couple kissing, but noisy, sloppy, get a freakin' room kissing. Argh!

Couples like this drive me insane! I'm always completely grossed out by them. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. I think it's romantic to see a couple making eyes at each other or patting each other on the butt. I believe that a happy couple is probably a couple that shows affection towards one another, BUT come on, when does it go beyond that?

For me, personally, I'm not really into PDA. My version of PDA is very G-rated. Holding hands. A hug. A quick peck on the lips. That's okay, but a full-blown, make out session in public is a no-no! Sorry future boyfriends, but I find it unnecessary and attention-seeking.

So back to the couple. She's pulling his hair and he's squeezing her butt. OMG! Yes. Mr. and Mrs. Suckface. Everyone is looking at you. We get it. YOU HAVE GREAT SEX! Maybe. YOU LOVE EACH OTHER! Possibly. Regardless, why are you bumping-and-grinding all willy-nilly for the world to see?

Honestly, I wish I could just tap them on the shoulders and ask, "Why are you at the movies? Why don't you just go home and get it on?" That would be rude, but aren't they being rude or is it just me?

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