Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Rash

Heat rash, also called prickly heat or malaria, occurs when sweat becomes trapped under your skin. Sweating is a self-regulating mechanism your body uses to maintain a constant temperature. Your sweat-producing glands are located in the middle layer of the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. If these glands become clogged and are unable to function, a rash may appear in the affected area. The rash may take one of several forms; it may be clear, skin-colored or reddened.

The best way to treat heat rash is to ensure that you get plenty of air circulation around your skin. This means wearing light, loose clothing that will let your skin “breathe.” Staying cool and drinking lots of water can help minimize your symptoms and prevent heat rash from progressing to heat stroke.

But what do you do if you already have a heat rash?

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