Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Beauty Sins Women Make With Their Eyes

Mistake #1 
Getting to close to your cornea with eyeliner pencils. Yikes!

Why is this a problem? 
Scratching the cornea can cause irritation, infection and ulcers that can cause blindness.

The Solution. 
Use a sharp eye liner, and ALWAYS trace along the outer rim of the eye near the lash line. Never trace along the inner rim of the eye.

Mistake #2 
Sleeping in your eye make-up.

Why is this a problem? 
You could get Staphylococcus bacteria in your eye that can lead to a sty.

The Solution. 
Do not use a cotton swab to remove eye makeup. Instead, use a oil-free makeup remover and a cotton ball. Press it over your eyelids for about 20-30 seconds and wipe your makeup away gently.

Mistake #3
Using old eye makeup.

Why is it a problem?
The longer you hold onto eye makeup, the more it becomes infested with bacteria or fungus. Old eye makeup can lead to  eye or skin infections.

The Solution.
Mascara and any creams or liquids that you apply around your eyes should be replaced after three months.

Hope This Helps

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