Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Divorce Parties

Last night on Basketball Wives, Jennifer Williams threw a divorce party. That's right. She threw a big ole, f*^k my ex husband ’cause he ain't no good, and he cheated on me party. There was music, drinks, her girls, a new man and a big, ugly piñata (made in Eric William's liking) for her to beat the crap out of. I must say, it was pretty awesome. 

The idea of bringing your besties with you while you pick out a cake decorated with your exes head chopped off is completely...empowering! A divorce party is so 2011! Gone are the days when women would spend months crying over a no-good man. I love that women are starting to dust themselves off, put their dysfunctional marriages behind them and move on. That's the way it should be, right? 

How long can a woman mourn a marriage that has been in the dumps for years? And let's be honest, isn't it ALWAYS years? Don't most women try too hard for too long to keep their family together? Don’t most women spend too much time trying to change the unchangeable?

Marriage is the celebration of love, happiness and new beginnings. Well, doesn’t divorce (when it's wanted on both sides) signify a new beginning, too? To me it does. In many cases, it signifies the end of infidelity, disrespect and misery.

Something about figuratively chopping off the head of a no-good (in Jen's case, extremely, facially challenged) man screams liberation! No more sitting around and moping like the women in Waiting to Exhale. No more pity parties, ladies! Empower yourself. You’ve mourned the marriage every time you had a fight. You mourned the marriage every time you caught him cheating. You mourned the marriage every time you took his verbal, emotional or physical  abuse.

Dust yourself off. Order that cake; complete with your exes guts spilling out. Invite your girlfriends over, turn up the music, make margaritas, and gracefully say goodbye to all the bullsh*t, and hello to new and better things. 

How do you feel about divorce parties? 
Independence or Tacky?


  1. I think divorce parties are great. It is the new thing for 2011. I think it celebrates that person's new found freedom. I would be supportive if I knew someone that would throw one. We only know so much of what people tell you about their relationship. It could have been so much more going on, that now they feel free and ready to live life again. I applaud them for getting out, moving on, and not giving up. Order the darn cake, get with your BESTIES, get the drinks poppin' and let loose. Party like a ROCKSTAR!!!!

  2. Tyler, I agree. I have heard say that they are tacky. i see them as freedom parties. Thatnks for replying.