Friday, August 5, 2011

Do You Have A Beauty App?


Gorgeously Green App:
Want to know if your beauty products are green? Want to know what ingredients are in your beauty products. The Gorgeously Green App will provide you with all that and more.

How It Works:
For just 99 cents this app will list all the ingredients listed on beauty and skin care products that you should avoid. It also tells you how to buy organic. It is a great resource for those who want to know the safety or reliability of their product before they purchase them.

Why I Like It:
This app provides users with great information about what goes into your body and into your skin. 


I Love My Skin App:
What is that pesky little spot on your skin? Is it a freckle? Is it a mole? Is it something harmless or could it possibly be cancer. Want to find out? Well, if you have an iPhone, the answer could be right at your finger tips.

How It Works:
The app fills in for those paper body mole maps dermatologists hand out to help patients track their spots and moles. The apps helps you monitor these spots so that you can communicate your findings accurately to a Dermatologist.

Why I Like It:
This app encourages users to do their own skin cancer self-examination by providing several body shots that allow users to place markers with their iPhone where moles and other spots may be found.


Makeup Tagg:
Have you ever stood in the makeup aisle and found youself overwhelmed by the plethora of choices? Where do you start? Which foundations actually match your skin? Are bright colored eye-shadows for you? Makeup Tagg can help the novice makeup woman.

How It Works:
Makeup Tagg narrows beauty choices down for the user based on the color of their eyes, hair, and skin tone, by generating a list of makeup recommendations. The app also suggests three products per catergory, each with a different price point (high-end, midrange and low-end).

Why I Like It:
If you are a novice when it come to beauty products, this app will help you narrow your choice, and get out of the store spending what you want to spend.


Rosacea App:
Do you have redness, broken capillaries and acne across your cheecks and nose? Is it rosacea? Did you know that certain foods and drinks lead to rosacea flareups? Did you know that when you have rosacea you should avoid certain activies? The Rosacea App can provide users with very helpful information.

How It Works:
This FREE app informs users to what rosacea is, what its signs and symptoms are, and how it is treated? It also provides users with access to facts, information on treatment options, news articles, and coupons for savings and tools for tracking and managing mild to moderate rosacea.

Why I Like It:
This app empowers rosacea sufferers with helpful advice, and important information to share with their doctors.

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