Friday, August 5, 2011

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Makeup is scary. When I do it myself, it's just mascara, and sometimes I forget even to do that ~ Sandra Bullock

I'm much like Bullock. Makeup scares me. But I will say this, I will not leave the house without my lipgloss. NEVER!

So, what makes you feel beautiful?


  1. Lipstick and eye liner make me feel beautiful.
    A smile and a wink can make almost anyone's day.
    A good bra doesn't hurt either. lol

  2. A good bra is essential. That really does make me feel good, especially if it's a push up.

  3. New hairstyle whether my own hair, a weave or wig make me feel beautiful. When my hair is together everything else is effortless. The variety it gives me lets me who every I feel at the time. :-) Next stop includes a great pedicure, eyebrow wax and don't forget the matching outfit. It has to be color coordinated and I feel like I am on top of the world. (Giggles)