Friday, September 2, 2011

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty ~ Imelda Marcos 

Most of the women that I know are shoe wh*res (We'd do anything for a sexy pair of shoes). We've all done the unthinkable. Ya know, worn those painfully sexy shoes to an inappropriate event just to show off. Or my favorite, bought a pair of shoes that you can't really afford because they're just so darn HOTT! Be honest, how many pairs do you own?

What makes you feel beautiful?


  1. Well I am a shoe whore, I love shoes, and I most definitely love shoes that match my outfit. I actually can't wait to the fall because I love boots with a nice leather or wool jacket. I own about 75 pair of shoes and that is what I am thinking. Shamelessly I think it is more and the even sadder part is I probably where 5 pair out of all of them. SMDH and going to try and do better. lol.

  2. That's funny you say that about having shoes that you don't wear, I have that problem too. When I see them, they're pretty and sparkly, but most of them stay in their boxes. I need to do better too.