Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Should You Keep Gifts From Your Ex?

 A watch. A necklace. A really great pair of stilettos that make your legs look like BAM! We all have them--gifts from our exes.

I got to wondering about this topic when a client of mine told me that she made her fiance get rid of all the gifts that his ex-girlfriend had given him.

Personally, I'd never thought about the subject. I felt the necklace around my neck and wondered what would happen if me and my current were no longer together. Would I have to give up the necklace that I've been wearing for years--the necklace that I sometimes forget that I'm wearing until someone compliments it? Why, I thought?

Why should you have to throw away gifts from your ex, when you've thrown your ex away? I thought her request was totally ridiculous. What if her fiance's ex had given him a car? Would she expect him to trade it in? What about a pet?

I didn't bother to ask what was thrown away, but I did start to think about all of the things I would have thrown away if my current boyfriends had asked me to. Clothes, furniture, jewelry. NO WAY!

She said, "I refuse to have him looking at reminders of that woman!"

That statement stayed with me and prompted this blog post. Again, I touched my necklace and wondered, can you truly say that you've moved on from an ex if you're still holding on to their gifts? Hmm?

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  1. It depends on what the item represents in your life. If it is a keepsake from the relationship get rid of it, but if it is just stuff keep it if you use it.