Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things I Like Tuesday

Lace Manicure

So, apparently, even a fashionably-challenged woman like me knows that lace is a big trend this fall. It's in all the fashion magazines. Lace dresses, tops, and even tights. So it was not a shock to me when I saw lace on a model's fingernails while flipping through one of those glossy mags. 

So pretty, right? They look great. I'm sure this model spent big bucks for her nails, but I'll simply use something like "Cut it Out" or "Laced Up" by Sally Hansen Salon Effects. These sticker-like sheets of nail polish will only take a few minutes to apply, and they're way cheap.

But if you wanna try the new trend, check out how lace manis are done. video

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