Thursday, September 1, 2011

Email Question. Yah!

Q: I've noticed that I'm starting to grow hair on my chin. How do you think I should go about removing it. I'm looking for something painless and easy to maintain? My friend said that she shaves her chin. What do you think?
A: Hair on the face, huh? I see this almost everyday. Mother Nature definitely has a sense of humor. First of all, whatever you do, do NOT shave. Shaving only removes the surface hair and you may find yourself shaving every couple of days. Plus, shaving can really irritate your skin.

If it's not a lot of hair tweezing is an option. Tweezing pulls the hairs from the root, allowing more time for regrowth to appear. Just make sure that you pull in the direction that they hair is growing. Broken hairs could lead to ingrown hairs. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are a great pick.

Waxing is another option to get rid of many hairs at one time. It will add an extra 5 minutes to your beauty routine every couple of weeks, but it's easy to maintain at home and should not be too painful. I like Satin Smooth wax. If you feel uncomfortable waxing yourself, find a spa that specializes in waxing.

Laser hair removal or electrolysis are more expensive options and fairly time consuming, without a permanent guarantee. They MUST also be performed by a professional.

Hope this helps.

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